November 6, 3:00 pm —
November 20, 6:00 pm +0530
Early Bird (Special Introductory) - Individual
Ends on October 26
Early Bird (Special Introductory) - Group - Buy 3 or more tickets
Ends on October 26
Regular(Special Introductory) - Individual
Ends on November 2
Regular(Special Introductory) - Group - Buy 3 or more tickets
Ends on November 2
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Do More of What Really Matters!

The Personal Agility System TM


 Three online workshop sessions (9hrs) with weekly free coaching call for four weeks

This program organized by Personal Agility Sri Lanka Chapter is open for Sri Lanka & South Asian Countries


if you are from different region please write to

We look forward to on-board you to workshop

base on your request, we are opening to you, with geographical pricing.


Training Investment:

Special Introductory price for this workshop is $80 ($200 Regular)

Early Bird (Special Introductory):

Ends on 26th Oct 2020-Pay and book your seat on or before 26th Oct 

Ticket price for single ticket is 60 USD or 11,075 LKR

  Group Discount with Early Bird (Special Introductory)

Ends on 26th Oct 2020-Payfull payment for all the members and book your seat on or before 26th Oct 

 Buy 3 or more tickets, price is 50 USD or 9,229 LKR per ticket

Regular(Special Introductory):

Ends on 2nd Nov 2020-Pay and book your seat on or before 2nd Nov 

Ticket price for single ticket is 80 USD or 14,767 LKR

Group Discount for regular(Special Introductory)

Ends on 2nd Nov 2020-Pay full payment for all the members and book your seat on or before 2nd Nov

Buy 3 or more tickets, price is 70 USD or 12, 921 LKR

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Apply Agility to Your Life, Career & Organization



Let’s join with Personal Agility Recognized Trainer Peter Stevens, Co facilitated by Senela Jayasuriya and

Janani Liyanage as they guide you through a 1-day workshop to apply Agility in your life and your career


Discover how The Personal Agility System™ can help you get organized, focus on more of what matters, and overall reduce your stress in getting things done.



Here's What You Get:

· Have Impact & Find Balance - Develop Leadership Skills

Shift from busy life to smart life. Discover the leader in you. Transform from Victim of change to owner of the change. Take decisions faster & get results that matters in your life, carrier or your organization

· Get focused on what really matters

The Personal Agility System will help you gain clarity on the most important areas of your life and this simple framework will help you visualize, prioritize, and steadily make progress toward your goals.

· Create better alignment with people around you

As you become clearer on your goals, it will become easier to communicate with those around you & say no to what doesn't align


Personal Agility Free Tools To Improve Your Journey

Priorities Map

Breadcrumb Trail

Stakeholder Canvas

Personal Agility Compass


.Course Program:


This workshop consists of 3 online sessions of 3 hours each. During this time, you will learn:


Have Impact and Find Balance


●      Understand the Personal Agility System and the challenge of getting things done


●      Deliver on Your Commitments: Get things done with the PAS Priorities Map


●      Find balance: Figure out what really matters to you using the PAS Breadcrumb Trail


●      Achieve long-term goals with the PAS Forces Map


Develop Leadership Skills


●      How to build working relationships with managers and stakeholders


●      Solve problems together through coaching and powerful questions


●      Create alignment and trust using the PAS Stakeholder Canvas.


●      Stay on course with the PAS Alignment Compass


During this class, you will create and use the tools of The Personal Agility System to figure out what really matters in your context and spend more of your time doing things that matter to you. The course qualifies you to apply to become a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner. 


Peter Stevens

Author of:

·  Ten Agile Contracts: Getting beyond Fixed-Price, Fixed-Scope

·  Personal Agility: Double Your Impact. Perform with Precision


Senela Jayasuriya


Chief Executive Officer

Women Empowered.


Global Trainer (USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia) & Certified Coach

Board Member / Groupctor - McQuire Rens Global Consulting

Advisory Council - Global Women Economic Forum



Janani Rasanjali Liyanage 

Founder Agility Tuning Transformation Services

Certified Transformation Coach from ICF, CSM,CSPO, CSP, PMI-ACP, MBA in IT, OpenSpace Agility Consultant, SAFe Agilist


Enterprise Agile Coach  - Global Goodwill Ambassador - Personal Agility Life Coach 


How to Become a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner

After completing this workshop, you can qualify to become a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner (PARP). The key requirements for becoming a PARP are:


●      Completing this class

●      Attend 4. free weekly online coaching sessions (weekly 1-1.5 hours)

●      Using Personal Agility for at least 1 month to manage your life or work

●      Have a complete profile at

●      Submit your application


Program plan

Main session

Dates : 06th, 13th & 20th Nov 2020

Time : 3.00PM-6.00PM IST

Join via zoom

In case of emergency situation such as power cut we are planning to have reserve date : 23rd Nov 2020


Online coaching calls

The coaching calls will start after first session of main sessions

Dates and times will be share after 06th Nov

Join via zoom


As a PARP, you will receive a certificate of achievement and badge for your resume, LinkedIn profile or homepage.

What do people say about The Personal Agility System?


People have been getting incredible results using the Personal Agility System™ around the world in locations including Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, India, Canada, throughout the U.S. and several other countries. Hear what these practitioners have to say about the benefits they've experienced.



“Personal Agility helped me create a life I thought I’d never have. Just applying Agile in my business wouldn’t have been enough. I needed Agile in my personal life. I used to have 5 jobs and was barely getting by, now I have my dream business that brings in twice as much income as I’ve ever made in a year in my life.”
― Sharon Guerin, Executive Chef, The Culinary Queen, Palm Harbor, FL, USA




“PAS helped me tontify the people who could help me achieve my goals. Asking the right people gave me an inside understanding and support for my future job application. This would not have happened if I hadn't been using the PAS Stakeholder Canvas.”
― Tuhan Sapumanage, Honors Graduate, Colombo, Sri Lanka




“Since engaging PAS, I have an emerging management system that is better than anything I come in contact with. It’s producing completed results at an unprecedented rate and I’m having fun.”
― Larry Pakieser, Operations Consultant, Denver, CO USA




“I needed to change basic things fast to save the company. Personal Agility helped me figure out what to do next in a complex situation.”
― Walter Stulzer, Executivector, Futureworks AG, Zurich, Switzerland




“You don’t hire a business to run your business, you hire a person to run your business. If their life is not organized, if they're not agile in their life, how do you expect them to just step into work and switch context?”
― Ben Sever, CEO Ecover Global, Tampa, FL, USA




“Before I was plagued by self-doubt, "inner chattering" that interfered with my inner voice. Now I am able to act.”
― Janani Liyanage, Executive Agile Coach, Colombo, Sri Lanka




“I could see the positive lifestyle change for me. Life quality changed for me. I really recommend this.”
― Maciek Sowinsky, Agile Coach, Grojec County, Poland




“The Personal Agility System brought in a new discipline to my life. I used the PAS Priorities Map and Breadcrumb Trail to gain clarity. I don't miss important things.”
― Shweta Jaiswal, Entrepreneur and Coach, Gurgaon, India




“Thanks to The Personal Agility System, Id saying no, to myself first, then politely getting myself away from those activities that consumed so much time without bringing satisfaction. I am working smarter, not harder.”


― Hugo Lourenco, Entrepreneur in Lisbon, Portugal

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