April 13, 12:00 pm—1:30 pm PDT
Personal Agility Online Event

How do we understand the value we're creating through the changes we make in our lives?

The answer is the Personal Agility System combined with a healthy dose of determination, drive and reflection!


The Metrix & Chill model - designed by Susannah Chambers and facilitated with the teams she serves as an agile coach - helps teams and individuals make sense of how to move forward meaningfully through celebrating and choosing the 'metrics that matter' to them.


In this session, Susannah will outline the adapted version of this model in a Personal Agility context, explaining how strategies it incorporates (including value statementing, a basket of measures and financial proxies) can rapidly create clarity around you understanding what really matters to you and what to focus on.

This session will bring value to anybody whether they have used the Personal Agility System so far or not and is not limited to those working in agile teams. Anybody is welcome in any role in any sector!

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