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Maria Matarelli
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Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner Online 4-Week Training Self Paced Program

Join our self-paced online program with Maria Matarelli as you apply the Personal Agility System for 4 weeks.

Personal Agility is a simple visual framework for organizing yourself that helps you figure out and focus on what really matters. Unlike other approaches, the primary goals are for you to be effective, and for you, your family and the people around you to be happy with what you have accomplished! 

The Personal Agility System teaches to you to apply Personal Agility to be more effective in your life, taking a holistic view of everything that really matters. You can set and hold a course towards your desired outcomes to fulfill your commitments. You can benefit from trustful and effective relationships with the people around you. And you’ll enjoy more fun and purpose in your work!

Completing this course prepares you to become a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner. You will get access to the online learning portal and after applying Personal Agility for 4 weeks, can apply to become a Recognized Practitioner through the Personal Agility Institute. There will be 4 live coaching calls with coaches, Maria Matarelli and Lyssa Adkins. Recordings will also be made available.

This program is an online course with video and worksheets to guide you through the progra

  • How do you know if this workshop is for you? Would you like to…
    • Make commitments to people that you can keep?
    • Achieve your desired outcomes, faster?
    • Have confidence when you need to say ‘No’?
    • Coach colleagues and staff to be more effective?
  • This course is ideal for you if:
    • You want to have better alignment and commitment with the people in your lives.
    • You suffer constantly changing scope and conflicting priorities.
    • Your timelines shift and interruptions are frequent.
    • You lose a lot of time on inefficiency, like between Agile and traditional entities.
  • This workshop gets you off the hamster wheel and into the driver’s seat! You stop wasting time on things that bring no value to focus on things that do!
  • Life is an ocean. You’re on the boat! Master the stormy seas of change to reach your goals.

We have had attendees from around the world in past workshops and the feedback has been incredible.

“It gives me a good framework in context to have a meaningful conversation with my wife about actual things that we need to get done.” - Rijon Erickson (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

“Now I feel much more focused on what is really important and what makes my life happier.” 
- Laura Quattri (Milan, Italy)

“It also gave me a wider time horizon, what I need to do today, next week, what I accomplished last week, I’ll give myself a pat on the back.” - George Verdolaga (Vancouver, Canada)

“Personal Agility has given me the ability to focus inwards, to try to understand what is important for me, what will make the impact for me, what will make me happy.” - Surajit Das (Pune, India)

“Now I know what is most important for me and what I have to do first, and this is the best thing I have learned from this program, to set my clear priorities.” - Piyali Karmakar (Bengaluru, India)

“It gave me more focus on and helped me understand better the difference between the importance and the urgency.” - Thomas Bindzus (Vietnam)

“I could see the positive lifestyle change for me. Life quality change for me. I really recommend this.” 
- Maciek Sowinsky (Grojec County, Poland)

“I started to see less urgent stuff done during the weeks. The priorities map really helps me to say no.” 
- Pino Decandia (Milan, Italy)

"I have been an Agilist for 14 years and have been applying Agile in my personal life for a long time (just ask my family). The Personal Agility System has taken it to a new level. The coaching questions led me to really look at how I spend my time and whether I am honoring what really matters to me. It's created some hard choices, but worth it, because I have gained powerful alignment and joy in knowing I am doing more of what energizes me."
- Lyssa Adkins, Richmond, VA

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