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February 16, 7:00 pm CET
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Agile Leadership with Personal Agility | English | Online | 230117-PLS

Discover how to lead yourself and others in an agile way!

Apply "Agile" or agility to life or work... far beyond software development!

Module One: Leading yourself with Agility and PAS

In module one, you'll explore the basic building blocks of the Personal Agility System: purpose, celebration, choice, cadence, and dialogue.

  • Develop your skills the Personal Agility System
  • Master the challenge of completing tasks
  • Keep your commitments
  • Achieve long-term goals despite distractions, shifting priorities, and procrastination
  • Balance what really matters to always stay on track

By completing Module 1 and the practical portion, you will qualify as a Personal Agility Recognized Enthusiast (PARE)

Module Two: Leading Others with PAS Agile Leadership

In module two, you'll build on the fundamentals to develop key leadership skills: Lead Emergence by applying empathy to create alignment, which is the foundation for decisiveness and long-term focus.

  • Build working relationships with managers and stakeholders
  • Solve problems together with others through business coaching and powerful questions
  • Building agreement and trust to solve tough problems
  • Knowing that you or your team are on the right course and working on the right tasks

By completing Module 1, Module 2, and and the practical portion together, you qualify directly as a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner (PARP)

The modules can be booked separately. However, Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2.



Your introduction is divided into two sections: a course section where you learn how the Personal Agility System works, and a practical section where we help you apply it. The course section lasts one day per module. The practical part allows you to really apply PAS so that your learned skills develop into real skills.

For details, see the registration page.

Are you a RAV client?

You can ask the RAV to cover the cost of this program, they have done so in the past! However, you will have to convince them. For guidance and reasoning, see the registration page for free guidance or contact us if you need help.

Prices and conditions

Standard prices and discounts

  • Module 1: Self-leadership with agility and PAS: CHF 995
  • Module 2: Leading Others with PAS Agile Leadership: CHF 1,245.--
  • Module 1&2: Agile Leadership with Personal Agility: CHF 1,995.-- instead of CHF 2,240.--. You save at least CHF 225.
  • Early booking discount: if you book 30 days in advance: CHF 200, if you book 60 days in advance: CHF 400, only for the full program.

Courses are exempt from VAT. Installment payment possible on request.

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