Susannah Chambers
United Kingdom
2 Years as trainer
PARA Personal Agility Recognized Ambassador

I'm hugely committed to bringing the joy of Personal Agility to the lives of others because I've embraced the principles of it in my own life and it's created incredible positive transformation!

With career experience as an agile team coach/Certified ScrumMaster and with qualifications as a Personal Agility Recognized Ambassador as well as a Leadership Coach/Life Coach/Professional Coach I also bring almost 20 years' of practical experience of working with individuals and teams.

Most of my experience as a coach is in the Tech, Retail and Education sectors. However, as a "walking/talking/singing/dancing career portfolio", as I've been described I've demonstrated through my own transformation implementing the art of crafting the life you want.

As well as my work as a coach I am a professional gigging musician, an education consultant, a music teacher, a signed model and a children's party entertainer!

And, above all, I life my life by honouring my What Really Matters... my Jamaica... being a great Mum to my 3 awesome children!

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