May 1, 2021 10:00 am — 6:00 pm EDT
Maria Matarelli
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This one-day class is for executives, managers, coaches, consultants, professional workers, and students in any discipline. This program will consist of 

o 7 hours of workshop session facilitated by Maria Matarelli and Sriram Rajagopalan

o   2 hours of group coaching sessions

o   Electronic access to repository of templates, materials, and guides.



o You get all the tools and practices of The Personal Agility System™. You get support as you start to apply PAS to your life or work, so you can get the full value from your training.

o  You qualify for recognition from the Personal Agility Institute that you have not only learned the skills, but that you are applying them in real life.

o  By applying The Personal Agility System™ (PAS), you will be able to work through your workload more efficiently, spend more time on valuable outcomes and spend less time on busy work.

o  Participants have already claimed

o  Clarity on what really matters when making decisions

o  More focus on your commitments that have impact

o  Leadership skills for an Agile context

This program is all for you if…

o  You have too much to do and not enough time to do it

o  You have a lot of stress meeting your life and work commitments

o  Shifting priorities prevent you from getting things done

o  You have (too) many projects in progress

o  Frequent interruptions cause wasted time and inefficiency

o  Your company’s agile transformation has left you uncertain about how to fulfill your role


What can you expect from the Personal Agility System?

o   PAS is a simple framework to help you get things done, deliver on commitments, and be effective at managing staff and stakeholders.

o   PAS is like a GPS navigator for your life or project. You can figure out where you are, where you are going, and adjust course to achieve your goals or become who you want to be!

o   This workshop will get you with PAS. After this workshop, you can get off the treadmill and into the driver’s seat!


Time Commitments

o   Availability from 10:00 AM Eastern - 06:00 PM Eastern on May 1, 2021

o   Two 1-hour group coaching calls at a mutually convenient time within the next four weeks of the course 

(before June 1, 2021)

o   Demonstrate the practice of Personal Agility for 4-weeks to apply for PARP certification


Course Overview

 The 1-day  PARP course will cover the following four areas

o   Be Trustworthy to get things done

o   Be Effective to achieve long-term goals

o   Be a Catalyst to coach others to solve challenges

o   Be a Leader to build alignment around what really matters


Course Objectives

This is a practitioner certification. During the training, we will discuss the four major areas for you to take an effective control of your personal and professional life.

We will follow-up with two group coaching sessions to help you further.  You will have to demonstrate the use of the tools for 4-consecutive weeks to apply for the certification.


Attendance Policy

In order to meet the attendance requirements, you will have to 

o   Participate in the training during the full day and participate in the group coaching calls


Withdrawal Policy

You can withdraw from the course with a 100% refund minus any administrative charges until one week prior to the start of the class. But, after that, the fee will be forfeited or you can transfer to a future class date. 


About Personal Agility Institute

The Personal Agility Institute™ is a global organization focused on helping individuals & organizations apply Agile to do more of what really matters.

Ranging from personal application to the foundation as a leadership and coaching framework, the Personal Agility System™ helps cultivate an Agile mindset and shift the culture of an organization while creating greater alignment.

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