Personal Agility is a simple, scalable framework for aligning what you do with what really matters.

The Personal Agility System is a simple, scalable framework to help you be or become who you want to be. The goal it not simply to get more stuff done; the goal is to be more satisfied with your direction and purpose by spending more of your time on things you care about and less of your time on things you don’t. Many practitioners experience transformational improvement in the state of the lives, their work or their companies.

PAS is not process to follow, but rather a series of Powerful Questions and visualization tools that help you figure out and execute on what really matters. The essence of Personal Agility can be summed up in:

  • Purpose – Align what you do with what really matters
  • Celebration – Celebrate what you got done, even if it was different that what you planned
  • Choice – Of all things you could do, choose at least some that really matter
  • Emergence – Individuals can interact with each other to produce something bigger than themselves
  • Kindness – You are always doing the best you can. If you can be kind to yourself, it is easier to be kind to others.

PAS training enables you to develop yourself to be happier in life and more effective at work. We currently offer the following certifications / recognitions:

  • Recognized Enthusiast – you are good at getting things done
  • Recognized Practitioner – you are good at getting the right things done and you are able to activate your stakeholders to figure out and agree on what  the right things are.


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