Certification, or what does it mean to be a Recognized Practitioner of The Personal Agility System?

A Recognized Practitioner of Personal Agility knows what really matters in their lives and strives to live life accordingly. A recognized practitioner can explain the six questions of The Personal Agility System, can demonstrate how they are using Personal Agility to identify what really matters, and can show how they are using their Priorities Map to to organize their lives.

Recognition is granted after a one-on-one coaching call. Recognition represents a confirmation that on the date of the recognition, the practitioner understands The Personal Agility System and has been applying it to their lives for at least one month. There are three levels of recognition:

  • Recognized Enthusiast (PARE) – Your have read the Personal Agility Guide or Book, and are using the Personal Agility System to lead your life.
  • Recognized Practitioner (PARP) – You have taken an approved course and are using Personal Agility and to coach yourself to a better life.
  • Recognized Ambassador (PARA) – You have integrated Personal Agility into your coaching practice, and actively promote Personal Agility. A PARA can recognized PARE and PARP Candidate.

How to become a Recognized Practitioner


  1. Attend a course.
  2. Apply.
  3. Pay the fee of US $150
  4. Ensure that your profile has your real name and that your avatar is a recent picture of yourself
  5. We will contact you to schedule a 30 minute coaching call
  6. Confirm in the call that you meet the criteria.

Apply to become a Recognized Practitioner or Recognized Enthusiast of Personal Agility!

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List of Recognized Practitioners of The Personal Agility System

The following persons have been recognized as practitioners of The Personal Agility System:

June 2019


May 2019


April 2019


December 2018


November 2018


October 2018


December 2017


November 2017


October 2017


September 2017





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