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PARP Badge 2021
PARP Badge 2021

A Personal Agility Recognized Practitionerâ„¢ (PARP) knows what really matters in their life and strives to live their life accordingly. A PARP can align what they do to What Really Matters and create alignment that extends beyond themselves.

A PARP can explain the six questions of The Personal Agility Systemâ„¢ (PAS), can demonstrate how they are using Personal Agility to identify what really matters, and show how they are using The Personal Agility Systemâ„¢ to organize their lives. Furthermore, a PARP can apply the underlying coaching skills to help people solve challenges and create alignment around a common sense of purpose.

The Application to become a PARP has 3 pages:

  • Grant permission to the PAI to store your data
  • About you and your experience with PAS
  • Miscellaneous information

To apply, you must be logged in and your profile must be complete, including a picture. You need to know who taught your course, when it started, whether your name is spelled correctly on the registration. We will ask you to answer 5 questions about your use of PAS — Kindly respond with a short paragraph of about 3 or 4 sentences each.

You will probably need about 15 minutes to complete the application. While preparing your application, you can save it at any time to return to finish it later.

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