Application for Recognition as a PARA РPersonal Agility Recognized Ambassador

As a “PARA”, a Personal Agility Recognized Ambassador,¬† you are recognized as an important member of the Personal Agility community, a worldwide movement to enable people to change their lives and work for the better. You have a unique approach. And you share our goal of enabling one million people and companies around the world to change their lives or situation for the better, by aligning what they do with what really matters.

How to become a PARA:

  • Be a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner
  • Have a training or coaching certification that is recognized and respected in the Agile community
  • Communicate your intent to become a PARA by leaving us a note on our contact page.

Before you submit your application, you will need to do the following (you can use this checklist to help you prepare):

  • Publish your Personal Agility story on your preferred online publication channel (e.g. LinkedIn, article, blog)
  • Publish your Personal Agility story on the Personal Agility Institute online forum Applying Personal Agility
  • Talk at a conference, organize a meetup, present a webinar, publish a podcast, or otherwise share your story as a practitioner of Personal Agility
  • Pay the application and annual membership fee for a PARA ($250.–). This covers your application and the first 12 months of recognition, ending 12 months from your date of payment. Discounts available on request in selected countries.
  • Use the form below to apply to Personal Agility Institute to join the PARA program

Note: Stories need to have substance. See our Personal Agility case studies for examples.

To become a trainer, you will need be co-train with a designated member of the PART community.

You will be confirmed by the Personal Agility Institute, and you can exercise the privileges of a PARA. You will receive a certificate of recognition and a logo that you can put on your Linkedin profile or your home page!

Your response is kept confidential. No personal information will be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

To submit your application, login in, then start here.

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