Applying Personal Agility
moderated by Piyali Karmakar

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Personal Agility Book Club Meeting

12 months  ago Will not be able to make it due to another meeting...
Last post by Robert Kirkman New Member
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What is the difference between Personal Kanban and the Personal Agility System?

2 weeks  ago I am often asked how the Personal Agility System (...
Last post by Peter Stevens Estimable Member
Last post by Elena Basso New Member
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Finding orientation in a chaotic world

3 months  ago Thanks Peter😊🌼🌼🌼🙏
Last post by Tobias Glaser New Member
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My Personal Agility Story

4 months  ago It all started with the tweet below from Lyssa Adk...
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I'm looking for an accountability partner

6 months  ago I’m interested. My wife was not effective for me. ...
Last post by zielperson Active Member
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Personal Agility for a better life-work balance

6 months  ago Welcome, @liviumesesan! I look forward to doing gr...
Last post by Peter Stevens Estimable Member
Last post by Peter Stevens Estimable Member
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G5: Personal Agility Journey - John S. Badgley

6 months  ago Hi John, Thank you for this. This concept of trans...
Last post by zielperson Active Member
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Kindness to myself

7 months  ago In my case this tends to be a kind of a learning e...
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My “Learnings” list

7 months  ago Lyssa, thanks for sharing your learnings! What a g...
Last post by René Wettler Eminent Member
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35 weeks of Personal Agility

8 months  ago I have been using Personal Agility for 35 weeks. I...
Last post by Torsten Hansen New Member
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