Personal Agility

First Book: How to do more that matters

Applying Personal Agility

Personal Agility Book Club Meeting

2 mins  agosorry, i have a team meeting to Lead for CERT
Robert KirkmanNew Member

My challenge working with my manager: Why is it so difficult to focus ...

4 days  agoHi René,  I am going to like the last post. 😉 Any idea what happened that it posted several times? Let's take tha...
Peter StevensTrusted Member
Peter StevensTrusted Member

Introducing Personal Agility to Developers

3 weeks  agoFor leaders, I have recommended using Personal Agility for managing the spaces between your projects. The idea is t...
Peter StevensTrusted Member

How to figure out what really matters with the priorities map

3 weeks  agoA lot of people have been asking me how to get started with Personal Agility to figure out what really matters, get...

New Chapters

Personal Agility, Chapter 4, The Fastest Path is now available for rev...

4 months  agoChapter 4, The Fastest Path, is now ready for download! Learn about the challenges of distractions, multi-tasking a...
Peter StevensTrusted Member

Personal Agility Chapter 3 - The Art of Creating Alignment is availabl...

5 months  agoHi everyone, Chapter 3, The Art of Creating Alignment, is now ready for download! Learn about what does it mean to ...
Peter StevensTrusted Member
Peter StevensTrusted Member

Chapter 2, Maximize your Impact is ready for review!

7 months  agoDear Robert (@robek36) Thank you so much for your suggestions and insights! I'll go through the orginal and fix the...
Peter StevensTrusted Member

Released Vietnamese Translation (and upcoming talks)

11 months  agoHi Everyone,  You might think things have been quiet here, but Maria and I have been actively promoting Personal Ag...

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