Personal Agility

First Book: How to do more that matters

Applying Personal Agility

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Kindness to myself

6 days  agoHi @zeilperson. Yes, I agree entirely. It is a perpetual learning and discovery cycle.  Would it be worthwhile crea...
VispiNew Member
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5th Personal Agility Round-table : 26th September 2019

4 weeks  agoElena V
Elena VassilievaNew Member
DamayanthiNew Member
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Download the priorities map

3 months  agoNoted with thanks
Robert KirkmanNew Member
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Personal Agility Book Club Meeting

3 months  agosorry, i have a team meeting to Lead for CERT

New Chapters

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Chapter 1 - "Why Personal Agility" is ready for download!

7 days  agoOK, this is really old, but I will give my first impressions anyway. I know that put on a heap like that. criticism...
zielpersonNew Member
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Personal Agility, Chapter 4, The Fastest Path is now available for rev...

2 months  agoHi Peter   Great thoughts . can you suggest any activity or case study which we can make the participants do after ...
shinoy22New Member
Peter StevensTrusted Member
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Personal Agility Chapter 3 - The Art of Creating Alignment is availabl...

8 months  agoHi everyone, Chapter 3, The Art of Creating Alignment, is now ready for download! Learn about what does it mean to ...
Peter StevensTrusted Member
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Chapter 2, Maximize your Impact is ready for review!

10 months  agoDear Robert (@robek36) Thank you so much for your suggestions and insights! I'll go through the orginal and fix the...

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