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Applying Personal Agility

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I'm looking for an accountability partner

1 month  agoArgh.. based in Switzerland as well.. but too late.  
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Personal Agility for a better life-work balance

2 months  agoWelcome, @liviumesesan! I look forward to doing great things together!
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Peter StevensEstimable Member
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G5: Personal Agility Journey - John S. Badgley

2 months  agoHi John, Thank you for this. This concept of transformational education really resonates with me. It gives me a wor...
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Kindness to myself

2 months  agoActually been sharing my journey with Vispi (thanks @Vispi)    One thing I came across that even user story descrip...

New Chapters

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Chapter 5: The Path to Leadership

2 weeks  agoDear Peter, Thanks a lot. I´ll read it soon and get back to you. Have a nice evening. Kind regards, Kari...
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Chapter 1 - "Why Personal Agility" is ready for download!

2 months  agoLet me be a bit more constructive here. Quotes are just a few clicks away, why not write something like this:  
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Personal Agility, Chapter 4, The Fastest Path is now available for rev...

6 months  agoHi Peter   Great thoughts . can you suggest any activity or case study which we can make the participants do after ...
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Personal Agility Chapter 3 - The Art of Creating Alignment is availabl...

1 year  agoHi everyone, Chapter 3, The Art of Creating Alignment, is now ready for download! Learn about what does it mean to ...

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