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Applying Personal Agility
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My personal agility story

1 month  agoI started the formal process in May 2020. I knew that there must be something else and it was missing from my agile...
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What is the difference between Personal Kanban and the Personal Agilit...

3 months  agoI am often asked how the Personal Agility System (“PAS”) compares to Scrum or Personal Kanban. It may surprise you,...
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Finding orientation in a chaotic world

6 months  agoThanks Peter😊🌼🌼🌼🙏
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My Personal Agility Story

7 months  agoIt all started with the tweet below from Lyssa Adkins appearing in my Twitter feed. My instant reaction?: ‘If Lyssa...

New Chapters

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Update: Chapter 5 RC 2 - The Path to Leadership

7 months  agoThanks in particular to the thoughts and feedback from, @maria and I have updated Chapter 5...
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Chapter 5: The Path to Leadership

8 months  agoDear Peter, Thanks a lot. I´ll read it soon and get back to you. Have a nice evening. Kind regards, Kari...
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Chapter 1 - "Why Personal Agility" is ready for download!

9 months  agoLet me be a bit more constructive here. Quotes are just a few clicks away, why not write something like this:  
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Personal Agility, Chapter 4, The Fastest Path is now available for rev...

1 year  agoHi Peter   Great thoughts . can you suggest any activity or case study which we can make the participants do after ...

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