Janani Liyanage
Sri Lanka
3 Years as trainer
5 Events held
9.14 / 10 Rating for public events based on 49 evaluations
PARA Personal Agility Recognized Ambassador PART Personal Agility Recognized Trainer SA-LT
I am an enterprise agile coach, helping people to harmonize themselves with agile values princinples to increase their performance

Attendees feedback

Nadun Kodituwakku

The facilitators gave us lots of activities to do in the virtual breakrooms which helped me REALLY understand what I was doing rather than remembering stuff.

Sachini Rajapakse, Pearson Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

- VERY very interactive - Listen to each individual's thoughts - Giving practical examples

Shamitha Gunasekara

1. Very clear explanation 2.Dedicated to make the attendees understand the points 3. Well prepared

Sumudu Perera

Friendly, energetic, clarity in delivery

Kasun Premechandra

Very much interactive

Satyajit Nath, Capgemini

Janani was very patient in listening to the paticipant's view points. Senela had a strong presence. Peter was as usual an expert and had great insights that he brought into the session.

SAHIL MEHTA, 3Di Systems India Pvt Ltd

Supportive, Active listener, Super energetic and enthusiastic, Ready to learn even while imparting training

Pradja Dolewatte, Sysco Labs (Pvt) Ltd

Practical and hands on using collaboration tools for workshop itself

Gabadarallegedara Dhanushka Karunaratne, SimCentric Technologies

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic

Radhakrishnan Vivekananth

to let us learn on our own with activities

Watson Jayasinghe

Very Friendly

Chandan Lal, Accenture

Always smiling and energetic throughout and engaging

Demini Dilhara

Collaborative, Presentation & flow of the session has been well arranged relevant to audience

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