Ilham N Musayev
2 Years as trainer
PARA Personal Agility Recognized Ambassador
Ilham N Musayev, is a mentor and professional ICF-ACC coach (outside of the company his works for) who helps people to unlock their potential in career, gaining confidence and personal development. He also helps in area of personal effectiveness, setting realistic goals and becoming organized and structured. Ilham also helps to re-gain the [lost] confidence and look to issues and problems from different perspective. Another area of his support is helping to cultivate servant leadership via coaching and mentoring technics.

Overall, he is an oil/gas [energy sector] professional with 23+ years of practical experience obtained by working in one of the leader companies in this sector. Ilham’s experience is very multilayered. He worked and gained his experience from following functions: Wells, PSCM, Operations, Global Projects by mainly providing project controls support. For the last three years he worked in Modernization and Transformation and Agile Design Teams and helped his company to transform to new ways of working. He currently is a part of Agility team and as an agile coach supports the company by implementing agile ways of working.

Ilham holds following professional certifications and accreditations: ICF-ACC | ICF Member | PARA | PARP |   PSM I | PAL I | PSPO I | PMP® | ICAgile ICP-ACC/ATF | MSc. PM | Executive MBA | Award Winning Executive Contributor @Brainz Magazine.
Ilham’s position is that staying open for support, serving people as a leader, and helping people to grow is what wins heart and minds and is the only answer to all questions.
His mission: “Aspire to inspire, before we expire”.
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