Announcing the PAS Problem Solving Canvas

The Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner Program teaches you how to apply powerful questions to be a catalyst, that is to help other people identify and solve their problems.

Many people find the coaching approach difficult because you are expected to lead someone through a problem-solving process without being the expert or even offering solutions. How do you do that?

We now have a canvas to help you coach other people to solve their problems.

PAS Problem Solving Canvas v0.92
PAS Problem Solving Canvas v0.92

It’s called the PAS Problem Solving Canvas. Use it to lead someone through a 5-step process to understand and come up with solutions to their challenges. The basic steps are:

  1. Create safety so the person is able to talk about potentially sensitive issues
  2. Identify and understand the goal
  3. Identify and understand the problem
  4. Explore alternatives for solving the problem
  5. Identifying a possible course of action

For each step, the canvas includes a number of questions you could ask to help your coachee through the problem solving process. Your job as a coach is to be and active listener. You are striving to understand where your coachee is in their thought process, so you can ask the right question next. Remember when you have gotten an answer to “read it back” to  confirm your and their understanding of the issue or solution.

This is a draft version. Please give it try! We’d be thrilled if you share your experience with it on Linkedin. Be sure to tag Peter, Maria, the PAI and your PARA.

We are taking what is probably an unusual step. We are releasing the PAS Problem Solving Canvas both as a PDF and as an MS-Office template. Yes, source form!  So you can use it to log conversations or you can maybe come up with your own versions. Please respect the CC license conditions if you make an improved version, please share it back with us. Good luck!

Download the PAS Problem Solving Canvas