What are people saying about The Personal Agility System?


2020 Is the year The Personal Agility System (PAS) really got off the ground. In January, Maria Matarelli introduced Peter Stevens to “The Culinary Queen” Sharon Guerin. She wanted to say thank you to Peter for Personal Agility, because thanks to Personal Agility — and the right help from Maria — Sharon changed her life! So she invited us all to dinner – which was amazing, and she shared her story, which is also amazing!

Sharon inspired in two ways. First her story gave a hint how universally useful Personal Agility can be: literally millions if not hundreds of millions of people could change their lives or work for the better. So Maria and Peter decided to document case studies for our book.

When the COVID crisis came around, we was looking for purpose and inspiration. What if we could reach even 1% of the people like Sharon who Personal Agility could help? That’s still millions of people! If every one of them invited us for dinner, that would be 3’000 years of thank you’s! So we decided to focus on Personal Agility like never before. In particular, to get the Ambassador program going, so we can start to reach those millions of people and generate those thank you’s.

Personal Agility Recognized Ambassadors and Trainers

Personal Agility Recognized Ambassadors and Trainers, November 2020

Today a group of 10 “PARAs” and “PARTs” – Personal Agility Recognized Ambassadors and Trainers are spreading the word around the world. Together we have trained 90 people in Personal Agility this year – three time our cumulative total from last year! Which brings me to the topic of this blog post.

What are they saying about Personal Agility? With this post, I am going to collect the articles articles and resources written by people on their Personal Agility voyage. Some are just getting started, others have been applying PAS for years.

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