Thank you for joining us at the Personal Agility Summit and celebrating the launch of our new book: Personal Agility: Unlocking Purpose, Alignment and Transformation

It was great to highlight so many practitioners from our community and to share the stories of people who are featured as case studies in the book! Thank you to all of our speakers and thank you to everyone who attended!

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Enclosed is a replay of the Personal Agility Summit if you were not able to join live or if you would like to watch again:

Join Peter Stevens at an in person book signing at the Swiss Agile Network on March 2, 2023:

As a thank you for your support at our Summit and Book launch, we would like to invite you to join us for the free training series as mentioned at the Summit – you can register for any of the below sessions using the registration link for each event. Please feel free to share with colleagues and friends!

FREE Training Series

February 22, 2023 – 10am EST Discover Your Path & Purpose – Maria

Our beliefs shape our behaviors which create our results. Uncover how your beliefs shape your behaviors which create your results and discover how the Personal Agility System can help you reach your goals and how you can experience more meaningful desired outcomes and shift into a more supportive, successful, happier and healthier life.


March 1, 2023 – 10am EST – Empower your People for Higher Performance – Maria

Empower your teams to create groundbreaking results while creating alignment in your organization. Discover how to create the mindset shift necessary to encourage more self organization in your teams while setting the groundwork for higher performance.


March 8, 2023 – 10am EST – PAS Event 3 – Agility is for Executives – Peter

The biggest myth of agility is it offers mostly disadvantages to executives. Not true! Agility represents hope for everybody, especially executives! If you have too many meetings, too much conflict in your organization, or everything moves too slowly, discover the secrets of how Agility can make you more effective! 


March 15, 2023 – 10am EST – PAS Event 4 – Boosting EBIT through Agility – Peter

“An agile transformation restructures the company to optimize for speed and value production.” Has your transformation lost sight of why you are doing it? Examine how Agility can, should and must improve your bottom line. 


March 22, 2023 – 10am EST Accelerating Business Results – Maria–hrj0oGdUTkK5hg8jC1C0qeUWe4di1

Discover how you can embrace the future of work and unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation to accelerate your business results while harnessing the power of Personal Agility combined with emerging technologies and discover the limitless potential of your business.

I am EXCITED to announce that the Personal Agility book is officially launching on Amazon today, published through the Business Agility Institute! Get your copy at a special reduced Kindle rate of for our launch and please share!
We are launching the book at the Personal Agility Summit today and hear all of the amazing stories and case studies and lives transformed by using the Personal Agility System –>

Join us for the Personal Agility Summit and the official launch of the Personal Agility Book!
We have a great lineup of speakers including Joe Justice, Alistair Cockburn, Pete Blum, Ben Sever, Jim H, Nayomi Handunnetti, Snehal Talati, Tariq EQ Amawi, Thomas Hubbuch, Jean-Yves Reynaud, Katrina Snow, Michael Longs, and other practitioners!
Peter Stevens and I are EXCITED to launch the official launch of the Personal Agility book – get your copy today on Amazon! Published through the Business Agility Institute!
Get the Kindle version for a special reduced price as we celebrate the launch!

Join host, Piyali Karmakar and special guest, Mark Lombardi-Nelson at the Personal Agility Global Roundtable on September 16, 2021 at 12pm EST. Mark will be presenting on “Personal Agility for Leaders: The 5 Ms to Create Shared Actualization”

SAVE THE DATE! More details coming soon!

Join the Personal Agility Institute founders, Peter Stevens and Maria Matarelli, to explore the impact of alignment, purpose, and agility in business units of all sizes at the eXperience Agile global event on September 27th.

Executive practitioners of the Personal Agility System will share their experience achieving profitability goals, company turn-arounds and work-life balance for themselves and their organizations. Speakers include Walter Stulzer, Executive Director at Futureworks, a creative consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland; Nayomi Handunnetti, Executive Director, Handun Villas & Restaurants in Colombo, Sri Lanka; and Ben Sever, CEO of eRemede, a fast growing med tech company in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. 

Learn how applying Personal Agility as a leadership and coaching based framework can provide the foundation for the people in your organization to reach a state of higher performance.

After each executive shares their case, you can join the break-out rooms for a question and answer session with the executive of your choice to find inspiration, wisdom, and insights to accelerate your company’s own agile journey.

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A match made in heaven, so I was to discover when I fused together the Metrix & Chill framework I created to coach teams with the Personal Agility System!

As a Personal Agility Recognized Ambassador (PARA) based in the UK, accredited by the Personal Agility Institute, I had already been enjoying over the last 7 months consciously applying the Personal Agility System to the way I live my life and the choices I make about how to spend my time.

I used the Personal Agility System Priorities Map and Breadcrumb Trail to achieve this. The link for this fantastic tool is available at

The impact so far I have achieved directly from applying the Personal Agility System to my life during that time includes:

  • Succeeding in spending more time on my ‘What Really Matters’ I identified through using my Priorities Map – which is ‘To Relax More’!
  • Pivoting my music tuition and consultancy business during the COVID-19 pandemic to not only sustain my income but increase it through the various dimensions of my portfolio career.
  • Feeling fulfilled and joyful every day through spending time on the things that really matter to me.
  • Even more brilliant time spent with my 3 children through me feeling more relaxed and fulfilled during our time together, which has brought us even closer as a family.
  • Rapid career progression in my ‘day job’ as an Agile Coach to the point of speaking at international events on initiatives I’ve created through performing optimally in various aspects of my life.

A great example of that last impact of me using the Personal Agility System by speaking at events includes being invited by a colleague PARA Dr. Gail Ferreira to present at The Silicon Valley Agile Project Meet-Up on 13th April 2021.

It was a terrific opportunity to highlight the synergies between agile ways of working; the Metrix & Chill framework I designed to help teams and individuals articulate the value they drive and identify their What Really Matters and the opportunities to explore measures for gauging impact!

Through real-time interactive activities with participants I encouraged them to consider the metrics they use to gauge their own personal agility, progress towards what really matters to them and to consider synergies between the way they live their lives, insights the Personal Agility System offers them and methods they use to quantify their impact/progress.

Watch the full session here:

Metrix and Chill cover

To discuss any aspect of synergies between the Personal Agility System and the Metrix & Chill framework or to discuss accessing Personal Agility System one-to-one coaching or group training with me please feel free to reach out to me at for a no-obligation discussion.

A powerful question I’d like to share with you as a takeaway from this blog is as follows…

How do you know whether you’re spending your time doing what really matters to you?

Best wishes, Susannah

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