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Chapter 5: The Path to Leadership

Peter Stevens
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Fifty some years ago, man from the planet Earth first set foot on the Moon. Two astronauts did the walking, and one person spoke the first words. But the effort was massive. It was probably the largest mobilization of a country’s resources for a peaceful purpose. Between NASA, the military, other government agencies and civilian contractors, over 400,000 people were involved in the Apollo program.

How do you organize so many people to achieve such a seemingly impossible goal in less than a decade?

Maria and I have finished Chapter 5! We look at Clarity of Purpose, Achieving Autonomy and Alignment, Connecting with People, How to be an Agile Leader and Achieving Results! Download it here (you will need to login to download. Reset your password if you have forgotten!):

P.S. For a while, I was feeling frustrated that we hadn't made more progress on the book. But after my trip to Florida, in January, I am glad we waited. Why? Because the case studies are emerging on how people are changing their lives and their businesses with Personal Agility. I think we have the potential to have a huge positive impact on society. I really excited about the next chapter, Case Studies, and the potential it will lay out.

Happy reading! And we look forward to your thoughts on this chapter!

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