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It's gone to the publisher. Time to work on the launch!

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Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that the Personal Agility book is on its way to the Business Agility Institute for publishing! We’ve been able to include additional case studies that help solidify the powerful impact of Personal Agility in both life and business contexts and a question from Gail Ferreira led us to reframe how The Personal Agility System (PAS) applies to business.

The core elements of PAS are: Purpose, Celebration, Choice, Cadence and Dialogue. Anyone can apply these skills to their own life or work, and the results can be transformational!

Cadence is about celebrating and choosing at regular intervals. Dialogue is the process of asking questions and listening to the answers.

What happened to Kindness, you ask? Well, it turns out Kindness is not an input to Personal Agility, but rather a consequence of applying Personal Agility. When you ask yourself clarifying questions and listen to the answers, more kindness to yourself is a natural side-effect. We call this style of conversation, "dialogue," because that is what it is.

We call these natural side-effects "emergent properties." These emergent properties make PAS an Agile Leadership Framework.

Dialogue with others leads to Empathy. Empathy can lead to Alignment, which enables Decisiveness. Add cadence, and it is now possible both to be responsive to change and to be able hold focus long enough to achieve long-term goals.

Empathy, Alignment, Decisiveness, and Focus: You hear about these a lot when discussing leadership. But how to achieve them has been elusive. Until now. These are the emergent properties of Personal Agility.

The Personal Agility System is a simple, scalable leadership framework. It scales from one person to the size of your organization, or even beyond.

It was important to get this right, so we included these final updates in the book.

And the wait is over!

How to get the book:

  • If you have already ordered the book: Find your receipt, click on the download link, you will get the latest version. (If you can't find your receipt, contact us for help.) 
  • To get a copy from Amazon with the book is released: Visit to be notified when the book is available for preorder.

Would you like to help with the launch? We are looking for reviewers, podcasters, event organizers and marketing partners. Request a reviewer copy here

Best Regards,

Peter and Maria

Posted : 13/07/2022 2:29 pm

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