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New Chapter on Personal Agility: Exceeding Expectations

Peter Stevens
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Maria and I are pleased to announce that a new chapter of our book is now available: Exceeding Expectations!

Since we started sharing the Personal Agility System, real people from all walks of life have been transforming their lives for the better, both personally and professionally. When we set out to write this chapter, we had an idea what we would find, but even we were surprised by the powerful stories we uncovered. “Personal Agility helped me create a life I thought I’d never have.”

Download Exceeding Expectations and find out how Lyssa Adkins, Hugo Lourenco, Sharon Guerin and 6 others met their challenges and changed their lives:


You might be wondering how we are coming along with the book. If you pre-ordered, when will you get it? A lot has happened since chapter 5. In particular the resonance around The Personal Agility System is amazing! There is now a world-wide network of Ambassadors and Trainers who share our vision of helping people measurably and obviously change their lives or work for the better, just like in the case studies! We call the vision "3,000 years of thank you's", and that is what we are working toward.

As a minimum viable product, the book is nearly done. We formulate the problem, show proof that the solution works, then explain in four chapters how you can get the same results. Having said that, we have one more awesome case study to add, and the book needs a round of editing, so that it flows better. To be honest, we have learned a lot about the transformational power of the Personal Agility System since we wrote chapter 1, so we will do some work on chapter 1. The book has a new subtitle: Six Questions to Change Your Life, which reflects the potential of Personal Agility. Now would be a great time to share your thoughts as a comment in this thread.

Our goal is to publish in the second or third quarter of 2021.

We are thankful to you, our early readers and early adopters. We are especially thankful to our sponsors, who are thanked in the book. You can support us by pre-ordering the book now. The more support we have, the easier is it to convince a publisher of the importance of our work and our vision. You can pre-order the book, simply download it or become a sponsor! Pre-Order it, download it, or become a sponsor here. Thank you!

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