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Results of our poll on the Table of Contents  

Peter Stevens
Author Admin

First, thank you to everyone who participated in the polls on the table of contents for our book! The response was huge: A total of 77 responses, 25 with a business focus and 52 with a personal focus.


Here were the top 10 topics on the personal poll:

  1. How do you figure out what really matters? 9.0%
  2. How do you learn to say No? 7.9%
  3. How is My Personal Agility different from other approaches to managing your time? 7.6%
  4. How do you get started with My Personal Agility? 7.3%
  5. Overview: How does My Personal Agility Work? 6.8%
  6. When should you ask for help? 6.5%
  7. How can I keep my backlog uncluttered? 5.9%
  8. How can you stop procrastinating and get to work? 5.6%
  9. How can you live your values? 5.4%
  10. How can you make a difference to this week? 5.1%


Here are the top topics on the Business Poll:

  1. As a manager, how do I know my people and teams are working on the right things? 10.8%
  2. How do you figure out what really matters? 8.5%
  3. How do you learn to say No? 8.0%
  4. As an executive, how do I know that I am focusing on the right things? 7.4%
  5. How do you get started with My Personal Agility? 6.8%

How likely were you to recommend this book? The Net Promoter Scrum was +53%, with only 2 detractors.

The were a number great suggestions to improve the book. I'll come back to this later, but here is a short summary of the more interesting ones (IMHO): Include examples and case studies, talk about work-life balance, and let me write a guest chapter. This last one came without a contact address!

Conclusions from the above? Of the 150 people I contacted, about 60 unique individuals voted, many voted on both polls. Huge response! I am feeling confirmed in my belief that this is an important book!

The emphasis on the book will be the individual. How to use My Personal Agility to get your own life on course, figure out matters and say No things that don't matter.

We touch on work, in particular how to work-life balance and using My Personal Agility to achieve alignment in your department. But the full exploration of My Personal Agility for executives or as an organizing principle in your department or organization, that will be another book.

As a start; we will work on the following chapters:

  1. How do you get started with My Personal Agility?
  2. How do you figure out what really matters?
  3. Why My Personal Agility? (Intro/How is it different)

Thank you again for your support! As we start to make chapters available, I look forward to learning and sharing with you!

Does your interpretation of the survey match ours? Do you think we have overlooked or misinterpreted something? 


Posted : 06/02/2017 11:58 am