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Update: Chapter 2 & 3 coming, First Workshop Around Personal Agility  

Peter Stevens
Author Admin

It's been a bit quiet lately, but we are working hard! I would like you to know:

  1. We really appreciated your feedback on the first chapter. From typos to basic structure. Thank you!
  2. Chapter 2 How To Get Started, just came back from the editor and we expect Chapter 3 shortly, How to Figure Out What Really Matters.
  3. I have created the first online workshop around Personal Agility: The PAS System: Double your Professional Impact in 8 Weeks.
  4. I am planning a Personal Agility Summit in conjunction with Scrum Day in Lisbon this fall in October... Mark your calendars, details will follow!

You can find out all about it, including special offers for early adopters in this video. Or check out the announcement at https://saat-network.ch/pas

Posted : 26/04/2017 4:31 pm