Finding orientation in a chaotic world  


Peter Stevens
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23/03/2020 11:38 am  

The 6th question of Personal Agility is "Who can help?" and now I know why.

A few weeks ago, Maria Matarelli (my partner in the Personal Agility Institute and on the book) observed to me, "Peter, it's obvious you haven't been doing Personal Agility for a while. Maybe you would be better at mastering your current challenges if you did." 

Man! I had to chew on that one for awhile. She was right of course. This is what a good coach does. A good coach helps you see the reality of your situation so you can act effectively. A good coach brings the truth of the matter to the surface. 

Today, I came back to my Priorities Map. I decided to start with a clean slate. What is the first question to ask, even before you start with the 6 questions? Why?

Why am I doing Personal Agility? What is the change in me that I am trying to achieve that I am not able to do now? In my case, I feel like I have potential that I am not realizing. I want to realize my potential. 

This overarching goal goes at the top of my Priorities Map. This will give me guidance for making decisions about What Really Matters and ultimately for deciding how to spend my time and how not to.

Personal Agility Priorities Map Small v010

Outside, with the novel Coronavirus the world has become quite a chaotic place. Knowing what really matters doesn't change that, but it does give you a destination. Knowing what really matters enables you to set a course and offer guidance to those around you. In my case, I still want to realize my potential (which I hope will change the world in an important way). I have already seen how people around me react to my confidence in my destination. I am sure the people around will do the same. 

So if you are not already doing Personal Agility, now is a great time to start. Ask yourself how you want to be different 6 months or a year from now (or even the same -- one of my priorities is to stay healthy and happy!). Then ask yourself what really matters on your voyage to get there.

I have updated the downloadable Priorities Map to make space for the Why? question. You can get it here. 

I will add it to the freetools directory shortly.

Elena Basso
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23/03/2020 12:35 pm  

Thanks Peter😊🌼🌼🌼🙏


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