Introducing Personal Agility to Developers  


René Wettler
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26/06/2019 8:22 am  

I got invited to held a 15 minutes speech "Personal Agility in a nutshell" in front of members of Scrum Teams. I developed the essentials of Personal Agility on a flipchart:

Personal Agility in a nutshell

During the Q&A I was asked why a member of a Scrum Teams should apply Personal Agility because all her tasks are already managed with the Sprint Board. I thought my myself "yes she is right", but then somebody brought up the idea "why not managing ones own personal development" with Personal Agility?"  - in my opinion a brilliant idea!

What do you recommend to Scrum Team members?

Peter Stevens
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27/06/2019 11:11 am  

For leaders, I have recommended using Personal Agility for managing the spaces between your projects. The idea is that managing a project should be fully delegated to the project and its board(s). 

For developers, one option is their personal life.  Another is for managing their relationship with the company. If you have MBO's or OKR's, what are your objectives, and how is what you are doing connected with what you will be judged on? How do you recognize when priorities change? Your 'what really matters' could come from your manager. And if the priorities are changing, have a conversation about that to make sure you are in sync with your manager or organization!


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