My challenge working with my manager: Why is it so difficult to focus on what really matters?  

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René Wettler
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13/07/2019 1:44 pm  

Thanks for all your suggestions. You encouraged me to simply go to point zero and ask him if and why he wanted to apply Personal Agility (PA)! 👍

Here’s what happened:

He confirmed that he wants to focus more on important things and therefore have another try applying PA. We agreed to have some regular coaching sessions. The insights after the first meeting were:

  • He could answer all the powerful questions. Therefore we knew and the end what really matters for him. He committed himself on 3 goals.
  • In his agenda there was no room at all for working on “what I want to do this week”: Not only it was packed with meetings but also with blockers for tasks which where not necessarily connected to the goals (urgent but not important)

And here is what I suggested him to try until the next coaching session:

  • Removing all these task-blockers as they only compete his PA board and keep him away from prioritising his task more frequently
  • Dedicating a minimum of hours a week to work along the PA board and create some new PA blockers in his agenda. He can always move around the blocker in the same week - but never cancel it. If there is no room to move it so he should suggest to postpone the invitation or postpone one of his own meetings or decline the invitation (which is probably the most difficult thing to do)

Are you interested to read about the outcomes of my second session? Simply like this post. Oor if you don’t like my suggestions then please share your ideas here. Thanks.

Cheers, René 

Peter Stevens
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13/07/2019 1:59 pm  

Hi René, 

I am going to like the last post. 😉 Any idea what happened that it posted several times? Let's take that conversation offline...

Walter Stulzer has kind of a meta-goal that I have really signed on to. "I want to end each week with satisfaction, and I want to start each week with confidence." The result of that goal was dramatically limiting the number of entries in the possibilities column and adding things into the forces map, not direct to the Priorities Map. The result is a nearly empty backlog at the end of the week and a fresh start for the next week.

Could that be helpful here?



+1 to sharing your experiences on the round table!





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