My personal agility story  


james Hannon
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19/08/2020 3:19 pm  

I started the formal process in May 2020. I knew that there must be something else and it was missing from my agile coaching work. I was on my seventh transformation and there was always a missing piece, and that was using personal agility approach with C level executives. I immediately went to work and started working with  one of the senior levels executives by going through the PAS system. We have made substantial progress and the executive recently told me he feels more control and uses the information radiators to gather detail.  I also am an adjunct teacher at two colleges and plan to use PAS with my students and show them a new way to think about their work. 

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Jyoti Dandona
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14/10/2020 12:16 am  

Hi James

Can totally relate to 7th transformation ! Would love to learn from your journey and specifically how valuable your students find it.


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