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Personal Agility Chapter 3 - The Art of Creating Alignment is available for download!

Peter Stevens
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Hi everyone,

Chapter 3, The Art of Creating Alignment, is now ready for download! Learn about what does it mean to be aligned, how to create alignment with those around you, and how to use coaching questions to build trust, reduce conflict and create shared understanding. 

"Even if you are the captain out at sea, you don't need to steer your boat alone. One of the best ways to get more meaningful things done in your life is to build alignment with stakeholders (personal, familial, and professional). But that's easier said than done. In this chapter, we are going to show you how to build alignment effectively, first with yourself, then with others, so that important people in your life know what matters to you (and you to them too) and act as a tailwind for your boat rather than an obstacle...."

To read the rest, click on one of the attachments (word or PDF format) below or view the whole topic on the forum (see link below). You will need to sign in to download it. (If you are receiving this email, you have a login of the forum. If don't remember your password, you'll have the option request a new one!)

I hope you enjoy the chapter! If you thoughts or comments, please post them here or send us an email! Thanks!

Peter & Maria

Chapter 3: word version

Chapter 3: PDF version

And, if you need chapters one and two, you can still download them from the forum!


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