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Chapter 2, Maximize your Impact is ready for review!  

Peter Stevens
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Maria and I just finished two weeks of "Pair Writing" -- the two of us on zoom and google docs writing the book together! Sometimes we were working on different parts of the same chapter, sometimes on the same paragraph and sometimes even on the same sentence! It's hard to believe she was in Florida and I was in Switzerland. It's an amazing way to write!

We are pleased to make the latest edition of our book on Personal Agility available to you for review, comment, discussion and suggestions! Chapter 1 "Hope for the Overworked" is completely revised and Chapter 2 "Maximize your impact" is brand new. You can download it below in your choice of word or pdf formats. Happy reading and we look forward to some great discussions!

We are really excited and look forward to your comments & suggestions!

Peter & Maria



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