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Released Vietnamese Translation (and upcoming talks)  

Peter Stevens
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Hi Everyone, 

You might think things have been quiet here, but Maria and I have been actively promoting Personal Agility. An unexpected side-effect of our efforts: we now have a translation into Vietnamese of the Guide to Personal Agility. Thanks to Phạm Anh Đới (@cibervn ) for the translation and to Huy Nguyen Quoc, Giang Le Cong, and Sebastian Sussmann ( @sebastian ) for their help in perfecting it!

Would you like a translation in your language? Just let us know, and we'll be pleased to support you. 

P.S. In the coming months, I will be in Bern, Venice, Lisbon and Warsaw to talk about Personal Agility. At Experience Agile in Lisbon, Maria and I will give a workshop on Personal Agility, together on the same stage for the first time! We'll help you to change your life and have more impact! We'd love to see you there!





Posted : 08/08/2018 12:15 pm