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How PAS helped me to find clarity in my life

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Anbu Joseph C
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I am an Agile coach and certified life coach from ICF, I was confused about lots of priorities in my life, recently had a health issue, and not able to decide which area to focus on and where to start, which made me feel bad personally and it created lots of anxious in life. I wanted to sort out things and keep the focus on things I wanted to achieve. Using the Personal agility tools for few weeks now helped me to get the following benefits in my life

I got the clarity that I wanted for a very long time and also able to reconfirm what really matters to me in life at the present moment and in long term.  

I already worked on the life wheel as part of my coaching and got my categories of life sorted. Using the Priority map I am able to align and check how my day to day tasks are aligned towards my categories of life and the priorities.

I am able to identify my stakeholders and align with them meaningfully using stakeholder canvas which makes it easier for me to talk with people and systems to set expectations.

Getting the celebration partner is a unique idea to celebrate my wins and being accountable for the tasks and goals I set and move forward, which was missing in my life for a very long.

Every day, the priorities map helps me to check, am I in the right direction aligned with my goals and priorities, and make adjustments every day and every week towards my Goals and priorities.

I am already seeing myself completing the Goals under each category in a faster way. Also, I am following the agile principle #10 simplicity, increasing the amount of work not done to the full extent by focusing on the tasks which matter to me most. 

Posted : 11/02/2021 1:15 pm

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