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How I use Personal Agility to go from working 5 jobs and barely getting by to making over 6 figures in a year!  

Sharon Guerin
New Member

I always knew that my life was meant for something special from a small child, though most of my life was spent as a single mom struggling to survive. In November 2017, I decided to dedicate my life to my gift as a chef and believe in my talents. In July of 2018, the universe placed Maria Matarelli in my uber. By this time, I was actively aspiring to be a private chef and had dreams of starting a business but didn’t know where to begin. While I was working 5 odd jobs and struggling to make ends meet, I was barely getting by. I believe Maria discovered me and took me under her wing and personally led me through the Personal Agility System and helped me discover my full potential in my personal and professional life.

I truly believe that I had the desire and had already made the choice subconsciously that I was going to succeed no matter what when I met Maria. When anyone asked me what I did for a living, I simply told them “I am a Private Chef”. With this mindset already in place when we met, I became a sponge for all the knowledge I was about to be shown. I truly believe that Personal Agility is fool proof when using the system. 

My roadblocks to success were not just related to business. Years of living in survival mode from challenges in my personal life are what kept me from being successful in business, in my career, and in life. Just working on my business would have not been enough. I needed to make changes in my personal life.

The Personal Agility System showed me how to identify the three things that really mattered to me in my life and prioritize them. I was able to focus on my “What really matters to me” and stay the course to success. When I started using my breadcrumb trail, it was clear I needed to pay attention and learn how to focus and stay the course to be successful. It also helped me identify the personal trauma that needed to be released in my life that was holding me back professionally. My thought process changed from reaction to taking action.  

I was treading water, could barely make ends meet and any unexpected bills were catastrophic. I wanted to have my dream business, however, I didn’t even know where to begin. Being a single mother, I always put my family first at the sacrifice of my own dreams. I did not believe I had the ability really to be successful. I was surrounded by people who were part of my roadblocks. I was so focused on helping my kids and making everyone else happy that I never really thought about what was important to me and where I wanted to see my life go. I had enough of the toxic relationships. I had dreams but I didn’t have a clear path to get there. I was struggling to make any progress towards starting a successful business.

When I made myself a priority and started to become successful, the people I was taking care of changed the way they viewed me. I have seen my whole family be more productive and successful from the results Personal Agility has done for my life. They now aspire to be more like me, rather than to depend on me. 

I wanted to start my dream business of being a private chef with a successful catering company and I desired to create stability in my life. However, my bank account kept getting hit with fees for insufficient funds. Usually more money went out than came in. I wanted to stop paying so much money to the banks. I just wanted to get ahead in life.

I now have a successful life! I have the home, cars, career and emotional stability I always dreamed I could have!

I feel more successful than I’ve ever felt before in my life. I feel alive. I feel loved. I feel happy. My family is extremely proud of me and my growth and my kids are more self-sufficient than ever before. The growth of my business has given me a respected place in my community where I’ve catered charity events and cancer benefits for well-known organizations. I had a mindset shift – I started believing I could do it.

I used to have 5 jobs, now I have my dream business that brings in more than 6 figures, debt free, which is more than twice the annual income I have ever earned. In 2020, despite the global pandemic that led to the canceling of all events, I have been able to guarantee that I will earn at least as much this year by offering private chef services.

I also have clarity about myself and what has happened in my life. It feels very rewarding that people trust me with their most memorable events. I feel trustworthy, confident, reliable, and proud. I feel very successful.

After the first year of having success with Personal Agility in my life, I have applied the same techniques to my weight loss journey. I have lost 47lbs, have over an 8lb lean muscle gain, I am no longer pre-diabetic and I feel physically better than in my twenties when I was a rundown single mom.  I am able to workout 5 days a week with ease. The Personal Agility System can work in any area of your life if you just apply the basic concepts and follow the breadcrumb trail.

Today, I am realizing I want to help other people do what I did. 

There is nothing you cannot change. You just need the desire. It’s that simple.

Being open to learning and putting in the work was the key factor to gaining the knowledge I needed without resistance to the guidance and direction from my Personal Agility Coach, Maria who believed in me. Working with a coach, taking on a business partner, and access to small loans gave me just the support I needed.

My training with my coach and support made all the difference in my success!

My coach believed in me and was committed to my success. I didn’t give up because I knew there was someone in my court cheering me on. My coach helped me focus and sometimes even remember what really mattered to me to help me stay on track.

The loans enabled me to improve my cash flow, so I didn’t have issues with overdraft fees. They were again proof that somebody believed in me! Before, I was losing half a month’s income to bank fees, so I could never get ahead. This helped me to break the cycle.

My business partner was a mentor who shared essential know-how about running the business, from marketing and promotions to operations and invoicing along with many other aspects of running a business. I didn’t want to let her down. I always went the extra mile even when I felt like giving up. If she believed in me, I had to believe in myself and I always kept going even when things were challenging.

Being able to visualize is essential. I put the three things that really matter to me on sticky notes and stuck them on the dashboard of my car. Health, finances, business. See it, say it, write it. It becomes ingrained, you remember it, and it just becomes a habit.

What really matters is like the source of the tree of life. Once you know that, everything falls into place. When you have those things clearly visible, then you make your priorities and you can just delve in to do the right things that help you achieve your dreams.

In short, the Personal Agility System is a key component to my success and can be for anyone who applies it to any part of their life.  

Posted : 26/01/2021 1:44 am