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PAS: Simple, focused and result oriented  

Anoop Sethi
New Member

I have been associated in the learning and development space for more than 2 decades. Part of my role includes building and socializing tenure-linked leader and leadership development frameworks and enable associated learning paths in the system, facilitate training programs with a focus on behavioral and soft skills competencies. Partner with global delivery leaders to design, build and run business linked Behavioral and Domain certification agenda for identified LoBs, program manage new course design following ID principles, and maintain talent development operations at scale. Quite often resulting in multitasking, back-to-back meetings, overlapping deadlines and most importantly host of open projects.

This has affected not just work-life balance but the learning agenda that I wanted to pursue to follow my interests and passion. The challenge for me was to

  1. Spend some quality time with my family members
  2. Prioritize and build learning agenda for the closure year 2020 and plan for 2021

Initially, my understanding of how the personal agility workshop will help me was limited, however after Janani encouraged me to sign up for the workshop, I decided to enroll for it.

During the workshop, I felt that I am not alone, this is for all those who have an imagination of Jamaica (end goal) in their mind and here the answer is not provided. But a joint exploration takes place leveraging coaching and simple-to-use tools. All aimed at enabling me to build MY plans or make a course correction to reach MY Jamaica.

Leveraging the learnings from the Personal Agility workshop, by the closure of the calendar for the year 2020, I successfully

  1. Prepared a list of tasks for each of the team member to enable and empower them
  2. Completed 3 certifications: Certified SAFe Agilist® 5, Emotional intelligence practitioner and Change Management coach (level 1; Level 2 underway)
  3. Spent 2+ hours with kids – supporting them with their studies, bicycling & cooking daily
  4. Prepare Agile competency acquisition plan for FY 21

PAS Framework, experiential workshops and coaching sessions helped me achieve this and much more. Priority map is a part of my daily routine, wherein I spend 15 minutes at the start and end of the day to view my priorities, plan my day and celebrate every achievement. With the momentum set for the day, I can have meaningful conversations with stakeholders and set realistic expectations.

This does not mean that I do not get stuck, but when I am, the quest begins with “what really matters”.

Thank you, Peter, Senela and Janani for such a structured, immersive and empowering experience. This helped me prioritize – all that is important to me, plan and build traction, and have meaningful conversations with stakeholders (personal and professional both).

Posted : 25/01/2021 11:38 am