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True turning point in life after using Personal Agility System  

Nagini Chandramouli
New Member

Like any other Agile course, I attended the Personal Agility session with Peter Stevens and Shwetha Jaiswal. After few surprises with WRM what really matters, I decided to pick my Son as my celebration partner.

Initially he was not very interested as he thought it would be complicated and some thing foreign for him. But when I made him understand the purpose and significance of being my celebration partner he agreed.

It completely changed the mutual bond we both have now. He is a very stringent partner who usually doesn't miss our retrospective time. He supports me to take a out-of-the box perspective on the breadcrumb trail, the possibilities list and also insists me to ponder upon the simple but significant delays, helps me with analysing the outcomes every week. We really celebrate all the very small to big wins.

Noe, I have a great partner for taking a new look at my own activities and life.

All thanks to the Personal Agility System.




Posted : 22/01/2021 5:26 pm