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My Personal Agility- Secret Sauce to Resilience  

Shikha Kathuria
New Member

First time I interacted with Peter, I could remember in Nov 2019. That time I did not took it seriously and simply ignored it due to my other priorities. A year later, Nov 2020 again I came across the same post in Linked In – Personal Agility System workshop in Dec 2020.


I could not resist this time and instantly contacted Peter and Shweta. And here it goes, life changed in this last month of 2020 – A year of transformation, New Ways of working and decided to challenge myself to transform.

 I am an Agile Coach, a mum of two munchkins and a social animal. I was having a lot in my plate to have and always find it difficult to prioritize stuffs with WHAT REALLY MATTERS and WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY!!


2020 was a year of Change, Stress and disruption both in Personal as well in Professional. Personal Agility for me was a Roadmap for adapting and prioritizing to life changing situations and emerging even stronger than before.


I loved a metaphor - Life is a Sailing ship and I am a sailor. I must make sure how safely I cross the rough waters and handle my unexpected problems that comes through in reaching my JAMAICA!!


Life do not come with a map but experience twists and turns from everyday challenges. My biggest challenge is to bring myself back to normal – bouncing back from the difficult experiences without effecting my mindset for a longer period. As I could feel, I can handle things more effectively and efficiently and “PAS acted as a Bouncing ball” for me


My Priorities map with possibilities and Bread Crum Trail guided me and keep me focused to my JAMAICA all the time through which I strike a balance between my Personal relationships, obligations and Professional challenges accepting with Gratitude. I am now able to transform myself to a much more Emotionally strong individual with a special Personal Agility System. I learnt how to win a battle on Procrastination.


Lastly, The Coaching call which I received from the panel was commendable which guided me through my emotions.  I could say it’s a framework above all frameworks which needs to be practiced religiously to reap actual fruits to success.


Thank you Peter for building such an amazing platform which provides a crisp and clear roadmap to success!!




Posted : 04/01/2021 5:06 am