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Lyssa Adkins
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Since starting the Personal Agility System 56 weeks ago (56 weeks!!) I have been keeping an additional list on my Priorities Map. It’s called Learnings. I wanted to see if this effort was really worth it and I knew that if I didn’t capture my Learnings I wouldn’t have a resource to remind me of “why this is good for me” on the days when I get lazy or overwhelmed (or otherwise just “don’t wanna”). Here are some learnings I picked from random weeks:

Week 28 learning: I scheduled my priorities according to what was most important, then brought in more work than I could actually do. Lots of stuff still sitting in “doing” and I have the initial feeling of guilt that I didn’t get it all done. But I have to be realistic that I achieved what was most important and it’s not a failure of getting it all done, but a reality that I can’t estimate my work accurately -- and that I have a tendency to believe I can do more than I really can. 

Week 20 learning: It’s really worth it to notice how much stuff gets added in a week, some of it implicitly that I don’t even recognize until the end of the week. Does it all support what’s most important? Not always, maybe not even most of the time. <Sigh> Well, it’s all info to use for choosing better next time! There’s always a new week!

Week 5 learning: I didn’t plan this week. I didn’t use #PersonalAgility. Just got “ too busy”. I really miss it. I did a bunch of stuff but don’t know exactly what and I am really not sure if all the stuff I did supports what’s truly most important to me. Transparency works two ways: data that shows me how I sabotage myself and that helps me choose better next time and data that helps me realize when it’s time to feel joy because I am making progress and getting more of what I want.

Week 49 learning: Wow -- got tons done this week. I consulted the priorities map several times during the week so that I could keep FOCUS because there were so many things pulling attention, including the anxiety/stress of constantly re-deciding if I am still going to Turkey. I am in creative flow...creating so many things and "waking up with them" in the morning. It feels really good.




Posted : 29/11/2019 2:08 pm