35 weeks of Personal Agility  


Torsten Hansen
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13/11/2019 6:16 pm  

I have been using Personal Agility for 35 weeks. It has been an interesting journey. Scrambling with What Matters and other deep questions at the beginning. Getting used to managing Trello. Get the weekly routines going. Staying accountable to myself. 

After 35 weeks PA has become integrated part of my daily routine. The weekly Celebrate and Choose and the coaching conversation helps me stay focused. I have more clarity on what really matters to get done. The breadcrumb trail is rather impressive.  

Along the way there have been some interesting procrastination experiences. I had an issue with some accounting stuff. It kept staying in the urgent column. Several week and several coaching conversations later I finally overcame the issue and found a way to deal with accounting in a better way.  


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