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MyPersonalAgility - A Transformative Journey

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It was last Spring in India when I decided to quit from my 9-5 job. I seeded my own consulting firm. As time passed, I realized my plate was full of work and day by day it was increasing without closing in progress items. It consisted of work from different aspects of business such as product/ services, admin, finance, client management, sales & marketing, networking, and what not. By then, my To Do list had become too messy, unorganized and unstructured. Too many hop on-off, being multitasking, WIPs resulted in lots of wastage and spill over. Often I started thinking to revert my decision. 

This had a huge impact on my Personal life and ME as an individual. Being a mother of two preteen boys was not easy either. I was struggling to bring work-life balance.

It was at this point of time when I came across the term Personal Agility Round Table, while socializing on LinkedIn. I didn't ignore my intuitive call and registered myself immediately for it. That was the turning point for me, I decided to read more about it and apply in my life. I created my handmade version of Priorities Map. I introspected myself with the set of 6 powerful questions daily. I had self coaching myself. The results were unbelievable in a month's time. I was encouraged to use it further as my work appeared more structured and organised on my PA Board. I had become good planner by setting up right priorities. I was feeling happy, content, excited about my work's progress and could restore my peace of mind and work life balance. Later, I completed formal learning on PA.

Ah! What else do we aspire to achieve at the end of the day. I passionately adopted Agility and transformed my life. I introduced Personal Agility in my kids life. It gets reflected in various aspects of my life, and various corners of my home & office.

Yes, Personal Agility is my Lifestyle now.

This blog is dedicated to the Creator of Personal Agility.

In Gratitude

Shweta Jaiswal

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