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Personal Agility - A Journey from Thinking to Doing !  

Sakthinarayanan Chandrasekar
New Member

This is the first attempt at being real in front of a larger audience . This is my attempt at exposing my vulnerability . This is my attempt at paying it forward to the kindness showered by my mentors .

My career can be divided into two halves . The first half of my career was the most unhappy time of my life , where the outside world (my managers and my team) saw me as a great team player and leader where internally I was struggling with imposter syndrome . While I pretended to know and do my work as one of the best and impress people with the same work , but internally I felt that it is not my authentic self ,i do not know anything and i am betraying people .
The second half of my career is when Agility came into my life through my experience in Suncorp led by one of the best Agility ( in my opinion) Jeff Smith ex-CEO of Suncorp Business Services .  My career pivoted into Agility , Personal Transformation , Organizational Psychology and much more . After years , I can acknowledge the value i added in the organizations as an Agile Coach but there was still something missing . I was still unhappy .

During this transformational phase is when my Agility mentor Jyoti Dandona introduced me to PAS and I got introduced to the world of WHAT REALLY MATTERS . Finally through the founding principles in Personal Agility Program and the emphasis on Purpose through the question around WHAT REALLY MATTERS , I had my break through . I realized the missing piece of the puzzle which started realigning me in the direction of happiness . Through the various tools , especially the act of me focusing on the weeks outcomes through priority Map and then filtering the same through the lens of my purpose to only focus on activities that finally led me towards my purpose .  I am finally OK with who I am and what I want to leave behind as my legacy in this world and holding on the PURPOSE which will help me live a happy life .

Posted : 21/08/2021 4:38 am