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Update: the book is getting closer to reality!

Peter Stevens
Author Admin

Just in case you did not see the post on the New Chapters forum, Maria and I are getting close to finishing the book! We completed the manuscript, which turned out to be a major update from the previous version, with integrated case studies and refocused chapters on Business Coaching and Executive Agility! We sent it to our publisher, the Business Agility Institute in mid January, and currently we are working with the editor to finalize the text. We hope to launch the book in the next two or 3 months!

The latest version is available for download on my website. You can still get it for free, though not for much longer. You can still give feedback here. And you can find out how you can participate in the launch program here.

Maria and I hope you enjoy the latest version and look forward to hearing from you!

Topic starter Posted : 06/02/2022 11:26 am