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Applying Personal agility

Amogh Sukhatankar
New Member

Let me introduce myself, with more than 2 decades of experience in project planning, execution, monitoring multiple simultaneous projects in an organizational structure in IT/BPO/ITES. Served as a catalyst in the areas of  Program Management, Delivery/Account Management, Business Consulting, Client Engagement, Agile Coaching. This has often resulting in multitasking, meetings, overlapping deadlines. This has affected not just work-life balance but the learning agenda that I wanted to pursue to follow my interests and passion and also spending time with family

Personal Agility and using PAS framework it has helped me to understand my priorities and myself better, what matters to me! 

After few surprises with “What Really Matters” (Very POWERFUL STATEMENT) and start working on those activities.I won’t say I have become an GURU/MASTER in life, but of course now I know what is important for me, I know my priorities. I started doing things which takes me ahead towards my Jamaica (goal) and gives me happiness.

Celebration is also another event which we normally miss in day to day life . I decided to pick my Son as my celebration partner. Initially he was not very interested as he thought it would be complicated and something new for him. But when I made him understand the purpose and significance of being my celebration partner he agreed. It completely changed the mutual bond we both have now. He is a good celebration partner who usually doesn't miss our retrospective time. We really celebrate all the very small to big wins.

Thanks to Peter and Maria for bringing this system.

Topic starter Posted : 16/01/2022 11:33 am