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Applying Personal Agility - My Journey to the freedom

Ilham N Musayev
New Member

 🤠 I have always been structured and running things based on priorities. However, I knew that I need a well-structured solution, which helps me to brings things together and help to see the bigger picture not only for the work or life priorities, but all together. That would really help me to answer my main question “What really matter?” Because, this system was not available, sometimes I was focusing areas which require less attention and efforts. PAS system and framework really helped me to get all pieces of the puzzle together and visualised my priorities on various levels. It is now much easier to see “What really matters” and focus on right work/life activities, which eventually make life much easier and less painful.

My main objective was to understand the areas of importance in terms of impact and focus on those activities in first instance. Focusing on wrong activities equals to waste of productive time and hence unwanted surprises pop-up later when I was not ready.

Yes ! with PAS I have achieved my bigger goal to bring all priorities together and see how they fit into my busy schedule. There actually were some activities which required stop rather than start. However, it is very individual and personal, and I need to work to make it serve my specific mission and create desired balance.

In Priorities Map mapping activities by personal/work/development & other helped a lot. Also, marking activities with Urgency status helps as well, I can decide which of the activities make me Happy and most importantly it is possible to visualise and celebrate little successes and see how they grow up. This is something which is NOT done by most of the people. And it is wrong. I also liked the Breadcrumb trailer which helps to see a cumulative progress on a weekly basis and that is something which boosts up confidence and positivism levels massively.

Overall, I liked the philosophy of the PAS. You first help yourself to become organised and efficient and then you help others to achieve the same. As they say, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”. The more candles we light, the brighter will be the environment around us, and smarter and happier people will be serving our society. This is a great contribution to growing a healthier, self-confident, and sustained future. Isn’t that beautiful?

I want to recognise the advantage of the “Forces Map”. It is a great tool, which enables to visualise what is on horizon for the period beyond 2 weeks and keeps you awake and alerted. That way it becomes possible to link near and long-term priorities and apply “inspect and adapt” approach as more information becomes available.


 🤠 I personally think that PAS is a great tool for business people, senior managers, and those who have a lot on the plate; this system is definitely helps to boost personal effectiveness and get on top of the priorities people have on agenda. Either personally, or via recognised practitioner training in just within 4-8 weeks’ time people can change their lives dramatically by learning PAS and how it helps to point laser focus on “What’s really matter” for them.

Topic starter Posted : 05/11/2021 10:31 am