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My experience using PAS in my personal life and at work

Johanna Hurtado Morales
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To provide a little bit of background. I am a computer engineer with 12 years of experience in diverse industrial sectors including telecommunications, health, education, retail, insurance and technology.  The focus of the first 11 years of my career was in technical staff (projects, systems, data). However, in 2019 I started feeling a hole in my heart that later made me realise that I wanted people to be my primary focus.

That is why, one year ago  I moved to full time as a scrum master. I love agile values and principles and scrum values and practices. Because the heart of agile and scrum is people. That is why I finally feel complete.

Before using PAS I had never stopped and reflected on what was important to me in my life and I didn’t have a way to visualise what was my focus. Even though my family is the most important to me. I didn’t realise I wasn’t doing much for them and now using PAS they are my priority and they can see the change in me.

Additionally, apart from my family, I have discovered other categories very important to me. With the use of PAS I consciously make decisions everyday according to what it's the most important to me and the impact that is going to have on me, my family and the community.

In addition, I have used PAS at work. As an agile consultant it is very important to be clear on the objectives and expectations of my clients and stakeholders. One of my favourite tools from PAS is the stakeholders canvas. I have used it with leader and director levels and it's amazing how much clarity it provides and helps us to define what really matters to them as well as evaluate risks, considerations and next steps. This can be used quarterly to reset objectives and expected outcomes. Moreover, working with the teams, I like to emphasise what really matters to them and how it is aligned to the company objectives, this empowers them to go above and beyond.  

I'm so thankful that Jyoti Dandona introduced me to PAS as it has changed my life for good. And thanks to Sakthi Chandrasekar for your guidance.

Topic starter Posted : 24/10/2021 10:20 am
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