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How Maturity And Awareness Of It Drive Growth And Development

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Published @ Brainz Magazine at Oct 1, 2021.
It is very natural that during early stages the development (both in life and at work) we depend on many people, their guidance and direction. Sometimes, during life, most people are getting so much addicted to this “autopilot” mode that neglect to see that specifically, this environment ruins the future, development, and growth.


By shedding a light upon this subject, I wanted to cover many aspects of why it is important to switch into “manual” mode, what are the tools available to grow muscles in this space, and what types of people are ready to move into manual mode.

Let’s now explore this conversation further… Together.

Have you ever heard the question, “Who is your superhero?” or, “Whom do you want to look like when grew up or at a certain age?” I personally think that these questions are setting people for failure. I agree that we can get inspired by certain heroes or have a passion to have their qualities. However, becoming those heroes is not a good idea because we would then become someone else without being ourselves. Each of us is unique and hence we are all originals. There is no logic in wanting to be someone and become a copy!

The following saying nails it down well, “Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else”.

How do we know that it is just the right timing to become ourselves and start getting rid of old and becoming gold?


This is a timing when we become mature! And guess what… we do not notice it; nobody tells us about it. Our actions do!

Let’s now put a spotlight to the next question: What are the common symptoms of the maturity?


And here is the next quote to continue the conversation, “Maturity begins when we are content to feel we are right about something, without feeling the necessity to prove someone else is wrong”

Everyone who realized that we are all unique and different, by being mature follows the logic “Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I’m lost” How beautiful and deep is that!

Here are some known/typical signs of maturity:

  1. You stop trying to change people and instead focus on changing yourself.

  2. You accept people for who they are.

  3. You stop proving to the world how intelligent you are.

  4. You stop comparing yourself to others.

  5. You do not seek approval from others.

I now would like to talk about the tools which could help to uncover and promote hidden maturity if people have not yet realized that. These are 2 tools: coaching (1x1) and Personal Agility System. It may sound strange; however, they are!

Professional coaching interactions help to unlock unexplored potential for individuals and thus answer their own questions they puzzled to get answers. At the same time let’s not forget that people are experts of their life and know what is better fits them. And if they know, then they start moving in the right direction towards bigger personal goals. By having coaching conversations so many values could be created, and lives changed. It is just a matter of being ready for this journey and taking control of your life. When we start taking control of personal matters and being responsible for it that is when we become mature.

For those who read this article and haven’t before considered coaching as a way of self-discovery and growth, I recommend starting that journey. The more you discover yourself and answer your own questions the more you grow and thus become mature.

Personal Agility System is another angle on how you can grow and eventually become mature. In our complex world nowadays, there are always clashing priorities and ideas we want to pursue. However, have you asked yourself a question on “What is really matter” for you and how do you maintain the balance in life. Being mature we said above is about changing yourself and stop trying to change people. If you will take under control what makes most matter to you then eventually become on top of other things which are linked and related. That is how we stop thinking that other people are having clues to our problems. It is about deciding what is important to us not only on work level but on all life-related subjects and consistently refreshing what takes priority. We can learn a lot about ourselves, our common patterns and what makes a matter to us most by using Personal Agility System. It helps to make it obvious if work/life balance is maintained and see where most of our focus goes. And finally, Personal Agility System teaches us to celebrate our daily successes! And let’s not forget that every little, small win one day turns up into a big firework, the one everyone sees on the skies.


If interested, please reach out and as a part of PAS community we will be happy to help you to take life under control and onto next level up!

There is also another quality which defines our maturity. It is about “Never give up” principle. In all what we do sometimes there are a lot of challenges and difficulties which take us out of the comfort zone. We can decide to stop and quit. That’s not the quality of a mature person. Ask yourself a question now “how many times you decided to go this route?” And what makes a person mature? if you know that the path is not clear and full of challenges, you still select to continue and “Never give up”. I have been in front of this reality in life and despite of my effort and time had some failures. However, pressure makes diamonds, and it did again in my case. I learned a lot from this experience and how to become patient and wait my time.

Today we covered a little bit about maturity, growth and development. And there are some important moments to watch out.

It is true that there is no complete “independence,” because we all need the world around us in order to survive and thrive. At the same time, at maturity, we have a certain level of independence, with which we can (1) serve our own needs and (2) participate in society and the world.

Thus, a mature person is (within reason) competent, generous, empathetic, and restrained.

And at the end I would like to close the conversation out with wonderful statement, “Maturity is not when we start speaking big things. It is when we start understanding small things…”


Think about it and reflect…


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