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How Personal Agility helped me to focus and improve my health

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Vani SuriaPrakash
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Attended Shweta Jaiswal's training and a very big thank you to Nagini Chandramouli for suggesting the training session and introducing me to Shweta. 

Personal Agility System helped me to understand and visualize clearly, the misalignment between what really matters to me & the priorities of various activities in my day to day life.

PAS not only helped me understand the misalignment, gaps but also helped me to achieve the 1st step towards my health goal. I have been using PAS for about 6 months, which has helped me to focus on my health and most importantly without the feeling of guilt - that I am taking time for my workouts/food chart prep. Being an Agilest, I strongly believe in the power of visualization & transparency and PAS has now practically improved the overall mood & alignment.

Today I am happy to share that I have lost 3kg in 3 months, thanks to PAS. Also, there is a considerable reduction of my leg pain and I am feeling more energetic throughout the day. This is helping me big time and now I am confident and happy to take PAS for my kid which will help her to make her own commitments.

Posted : 21/06/2021 6:28 am

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