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My Celebrate and Choose Moment

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Yesterday, I had a wonderful experience with celebrate and choose. While getting ready for the C&C with my celebration partner, I let the questions go through my head, in particular: Of all the things I could do, what is urgent, what is important, and what will make me happy? 

There was a lot of urgent and important stuff. So much that I moved a lot of things back to the Forces Map to focus on what was really important and urgent. Then I thought about what is going to happen this week. 1) Christmas (on Friday) and 2) the Shutdown (on Tuesday). The shutdown means that most leisure-time activities are closed, probably for a month. No restaurants, no theaters, no fitness parks, no wellness centers, no skiing. 

In my case, those last two were big hit on my quality of life. So I rescheduled all my business calls for today and abandoned any hope of getting any actual work done. Why, so I could go skiing, possible for the last time in a while. Why? Because it makes me happy. 

Today, I am really glad I hit the slopes this morning! Yes, the work is still there, but I am not worrying about that now.

On exchanging farewell among colleagues for the Christmas holiday, many people are saying 'stay safe!' I'm going to reply: And stay happy! 

Remember to do things for your own happiness, because that makes everything else much easier.

Happy holidays everyone (did you see what I did there?) and best wishes for the New Year!


Posted : 21/12/2020 6:17 pm

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