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From start-up to corporate world...knowing my priorities and myself better!!  

Piyali Karmakar
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In 2017, I was working with a start-up and was trying to figure out what next in my career. What do I exactly want to do, and which path should I take? There were many options and plans in my mind, but nothing was concrete.

 I had many things to do, but not enough time for them, it looked like everything is important for me and nothing is getting completed. The to-do list keeps on growing and nothing moved to done.

The bigger challenge was to prioritize what is important for me, and what I can leave doing. From where I should start, which is the most important task for me, because of course I can’t finish all work at the same time. And there comes procrastination, confused what I need to complete first, I used to delay things, lets plan something else and do it later….


I met Peter in a global scrum gathering in Bangalore and while talking to him I came to know about a framework which he has co created with Maria, Personal Agility System.

Honestly speaking I was not very sure how effective this framework is, but I decided to give it a try and attended the online course by Peter. I must tell; I can’t be happier about my decision.


Personal Agility has helped me to understand my priorities and myself better, what matters to me! And rather than keep planning, start doing!

I won’t say I have become an overachiever or PRO in life, but of course now I know what is important for me, I know my priorities. I started doing things which takes me ahead towards my goal and gives me happiness.

As they say, ‘’Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”, and presently I am happily enjoying my role as a scrum master with Ernst and Young, Bangalore, India 😊

I can say I am happy and content and much more focused in both my professional and personal life. That is the difference PAS has brought to me!


Coming to the tools, some of the tools I have used - 6 questions of PAS, Priorities map, Celebrate and choose event, and Stakeholder canvas to some extent.

Among all of these, creating my priorities map with the help of answering the 6 questions was an eye opener experience for me! It helped to know about myself! I was surprised to see ample amount of I was spending on things/works which I am not actually enjoying doing, and the things that are important to me I am not doing justice to them.


I use my priorities map to keep a track on my tasks on a daily and weekly base, to see what the priorities for this week are, and among those what is urgent, and I need to finish today itself.


Having said all the good things, I can’t complete this writing without thanking Peter for his constant guidance and support. Wherever I am stuck or clueless what to do in a situation, Peter’s powerful questions have shown me the path to navigate through. Discussing with him and answering to questions have always helped to introspect and retrospect, and finding the solution, which has been a great guidance for where I am today in life!

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