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Personal Agility - Way of Achieving Happiness

Fadly Rasyad
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I found out about Personal Agility System from Peter Stevens sometime back in mid 2020 when he gave presentation in one of the agile community meetup regarding topic “3 Secrets of Agile Leaders”.

I was quite intrigued with the word “Personal Agility” since it seems it may be able to help me more to be more “Agile” - more Adaptive to ever changing environment!

Hence started my journey to discover more about it, and then few months later I enrolled on the PARP program with Janani and Peter Stevens as the facilitators.

I quickly learned that PAS is much more beyond just visualising your plans, it is much more than just a Kanban board - to me personally, it is a way of achieving happiness, by focusing on what really matters in my life!

It was really an insightful discovery for me, as I learned PAS especially during COVID-19 crisis that forced me to turn around my situation, and focus on my own goals, my actual dreams - things that make me happy!

To date, I am feeling sense of happiness every time I struck through each item in my Priorities Map, as I just completed a task, but even happier as I am one step closer to realise my dream!

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