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How to apply Personal Agility in a Team context?

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Last week, I was speaking "in" the Ukraine on the 6 questions, and one participant asked me how would you apply Personal Agility in a team context. That is a really good question, and one that need thought and experimentation in the real world!

Currently I am thinking about possible approaches.  Here are three that I have identified:

  1. Use PAS in conjunction with Scrum or Kanban. For example, have discussions around What Really Matters (WRM) to create alignment with the stakeholders, handle multiple competing goals (something Scrum says you shouldn't have). Use tools of PAS for more constructive conversations in the team and with stakeholders. In particular the PAS Problem Solving Canvas, the PAS Stakeholder Canvas and the WRM column could be really useful additions to any approach.
  2. Use PAS instead Scrum or Kanban. You could consider PAS to be as a kinder, gentler Scrum or treat PAS as an upgraded Kanban. PAS puts with more visibility on the relationship between priorities and work items, limits not just WIP (work in progress) but also WRM. PAS doesn't necessarily even require a team, so perhaps it will be appropriate for cases where Scrum is not the right solution.
  3. Use PAS for team building, but not to manage the work of the team. So the team members get to know and trust each other better by understanding each other's WRM. Ben Sever's case study applies this approach, which suggests that it might be relevant for other leadership teams.

What approaches have you identified? What experiments are you conducting? I'd love to hear your experience about what works and what doesn't applying Personal Agility in a team context.


Posted : 02/05/2021 10:43 am
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