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My 2 over the edge cents on PAS

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I am an agile coach. I am maybe not the kind of agile coach you think.
My agile coaching is an evolution of systemic coaching where I'm not an observer but part of the system. From a high-level perspective, it is not applying patterns and expecting some data, but more likely the other way around: building the conditions to create more data and notice emerging patterns. I know, it sounds weird but it's quite natural for human beings without a mental disorder.
The "individuals and their interactions" part is the major key. Indeed you think it is all about communication, and I would say yes...and mostly behavioural.
The complex state we are looking at in organizations is weird. It is weird because you can't control that state and you need this state to solve problems and innovate. So, forget controls, forget supervision, forget patronizing and learn how to cope with that state.

The heart is a system. That system is a group of people interacting together in an adult-adult relationship. To ensure this, you have to create a team. A team that can change over time (team agility) and interacting with other teams (organizational agility). But, in every scenario, you take you have to help individuals to accept the situation (resilience) and let go of the ego. Easily said, right.

My PAS is "let-go-the-ego" and unleash my full potential. It has, for me at least, nothing to do with performance. It has to do mirror myself and accept the picture I see.
As I coach, I will help accepting procrastination and I will understand the reasons for it (maybe crazy work and you need slack time). And, I will start to focus on procrastination as an opportunity for creativity.

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